The Wenham Museum is reopening on Tuesday, July 7 at 10 a.m.  Face coverings and advanced ticket purchase are required.  Click here to reserve tickets. We also encourage you to review our Reopening Plans at  Thank You!

Reopening Plans & Procedures

Reopening Details  

Here are the Highlights:
-Wear a Face Covering
-Reserve Tickets in Advance
-Keep Hands Clean
-Practice social distancing & respect gallery occupancy limits

Reopening the Wenham Museum back to full operations will be a gradual process dependent on public health requirements, visitation levels, and donations. The nonprofit Wenham Museum is supported by both visitors and donors, and we need your help to resume full operations!  Give at

Safety Starts with You:  Face Coverings, Clean Hands, & Social Distancing
If you have been feeling unwell or sick for any reason, we ask that you stay home.  This is a requirement for the museum’s staff and volunteers to ensure your health and safety, and we ask the same of you.

Face coverings are required of ALL museum visitors per Massachusetts guidelines for those aged 5+.  Face coverings for those ages 2 – 5 may be worn at the caregiver’s discretion.

Hand sanitizer and wipes are available throughout our galleries in addition to the soap and water available in our public restrooms.  We ask you to clean your hands with sanitizer when switching spaces within the museum.  While we will be cleaning frequently, we are also stationing wipes around the museum just in case you would like to wipe down any common areas prior to your use.

Please keep six feet of physical distance between your family/party and others visiting the museum.  Red dots have been place on the museum floor at six-foot intervals to help you maintain your physical distance from others.

We have also posted within each gallery the occupancy limit for that space.  Occupancy limits are needed to support physical distancing and to comply with Phase III requirements.  We know that given the age of many of our visitors, waiting for a turn in the Train Gallery or another popular place will be hard.  We sympathize with this, and we wish current realities did not require these rules.

We also do not wish to play an enforcement role with our visitors, but we will if necessary.  To avoid that scenario for us all, we ask for your cooperation with our new requirements, both by you and by your children or grandchildren.

Summer Hours
Tuesday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Monday, CLOSED

Timed Ticket Entry & $5 COVID-19 Fee
Timed ticket entry is required for all visitors, including Members.  Timed ticket entry will ensure sufficient space within the museum for social distancing and compliance with the occupancy limitations of Phase III of the Commonwealth’s  Reopening Plan.

All parties/families visiting the museum, including Members, are also asked to pay $5 per party/per visit to the museum.  This $5 fee helps defray the increased costs associated with cleaning and disinfecting during this time.

Our reservation system is live on and may also be accessed via the following button:

Reserve Tickets

Note:  We are presently using Eventbrite for our registration system.  The museum is absorbing the credit card processing fees charged by Eventbrite, and we are requiring visitors to pay the Eventbrite fee.  We are currently exploring other user-friendly systems with lower fees.

See & Do
We’ve revamped our Frozen exhibition, refreshed the historic house, and kept the trains running! Our Girl Scouts exhibition in the Family Discovery Gallery, which opened just before our closure, is ready and waiting for you. We’ve also installed an interactive polo field with our updated polo exhibition in Burnham Hall, which is opening next week. Learn more at

Art Grows Here
Art Grows Here is now part of the Wenham Museum! Save the date for this self-guided outdoor tour of public art in HW. Artists and sponsors needed! To learn more or to get involved, visit:

Cleaning & Disinfecting
To facilitate the hands-on experiences that many know and love at the museum, each family or group visiting the museum will receive its own basket of interactive materials that are disinfected after each use. Other “minds on” activities like scavenger hunts will also be available!  Our already robust cleaning practices have been enhanced to provide frequent disinfecting of high-touch areas and daily deep cleans.

Changes for Health & Safety
We regret that the following aspects of our normal operations are temporarily on hold.  To ensure staff, volunteer, and visitor safety and to better allocate limited financial and staffing resources, the following changes have been made:

  • Each party visiting the museum will be given an interactive basket of hands-on and minds-on activities for use by your family/party during your visit. Items in the basket are cleaned and sanitized daily for the following day.
  • Birthday parties, group visits, school field trips, and tours of the Patton Family Archives are not available at this time.
  • The snack area has been temporarily removed.  We ask families to snack outside and to have a “carry in/carry out” policy with their trash and recycling.
  • The following hands-on items within the museum are temporarily unavailable due to the challenges in cleaning and sanitizing:
    • downstairs train table
    • gravity wall
    • play “store” in the Family Discovery Gallery
    • in-gallery picture books, and dress-ups.
    • Hands-on play food and other items for imaginative play are included in the interactive basket mentioned in the first bullet point.

What about my Membership?
Please read our COVID-19 Membership Policy below.

Thank you for being a Member of the Wenham Museum! Our Members are important to us as you bring our museum to life with your enthusiastic visits. We have missed seeing you all since our closure on March 13, 2020. Members also provide an important form of support to the museum that is critical to maintaining our day-to-day operations, and for that, we also thank you.

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we know that our Members were not able to use their visitation privileges at the Wenham Museum. The museum, like many cultural organizations, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses, has also suffered tremendous financial losses due to the pandemic. These losses includes more than 25% of our membership revenue for the year, which has resulted in a massive contraction of our already small staff. If revenue does not rebound, a small staff will result in reduced operating hours and fewer exhibits and programs for the community in the months ahead.

For these reasons, we urge every Member to help the museum by treating their portion of their unused membership as a donation to the Wenham Museum. Your donation amount can be approximated using the following listing:

Membership Level / Donation Amount per Month
Individual / $4.58
Sr. Individual / $4.17
Dual / $9.16
Sr. Dual / $7.92
Any 5 / $12.08
Any 8 / $16.25

For example, if your membership expired on April 13th, you could treat that one month of your membership as a donation to the museum. If you held an Any 5 membership, that is like making a donation of $12.08 to the museum.

We also recognize that not every household may be able to treat a portion of their membership as a donation. For this reason, we would also like to create an avenue for Members to extend their memberships by the time lost during our closure.

If you would like to have your membership extended, you must let us know by August 15, 2020 by completing the form located at: If you do not elect to extent your membership by August 15th, your selection will default to a donation. Memberships will be extended as follows:

  • If your membership expired between March 13, 2020 and July 7, 2020, it will be extended by the number of days your membership was valid during that time. For example, if your membership expired on April 1, 2020, you would have 17 days added to your membership.
  • If your membership was valid for the entirety of the museum’s closure (March 13 – July 7, 2020), you will have four (4) months added to your membership.
  • If you would like to donate in part and extend in part, you may indicate that on the form.
  • To conserve resources, an updated membership card with a new expiration date will not be issued to you unless you request one from us using the above-reference form. If you frequently use reciprocal visitation privileges, we recommend you request a new card.

Note: If your membership expired during the museum’s closure, it is expired. You may opt to have it extended per the terms outlined in this policy. Memberships at the Wenham Museum are not refundable for cash and they cannot be put on hold.

Members must complete this form by August 15, 2020 to have time added to your membership. If you do not elect to extend your membership by that date, your selection will default to a donation.

Revised: July 4, 2020

Download the COVID-19 Membership Policy >>
Join or Renew Your Membership >>

If you have questions or concerns about our reopening plans, please contact:

  • Visitor Services at (978) 468-2377, ext. 113,
  • Kristin Noon, Executive Director at (978) 468-2377, ext. 102,