Summer Hours: Open Tuesdays – Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 4 p.m. Closed Sundays & Mondays.

Brownies & Girls Scouts

Building Arts
Grade 2-5 | 2 hours

Become an architect, engineer, or decorator for the day and work towards earning the Building Art Try-It Badge as you join in hands-on activities. Get an overview of a building project from blueprints to paper model and photos. Design your ideal Scout meeting place and build a model to take home. Tour the museum on an architectural scavenger hunt. This program fulfills segments of the Building Art Try-It Badge.
Rate:  $8.00 per Scout (badge not included)

Grade 4-8 | 2.5-3 hours

Examine the lives of Colonial women through the eyes of the Gerrish Family, who lived in Wenham during the Salem witch hysteria. Imagine a life full of responsibilities but no rights. Use primary source materials to discover how historians develop their theories.


Learn to embroider a colonial “pocket” and write an account of the strange happenings in this Puritan colony.  Through this program, girls earn the Girls Scounts of Eastern Massachusetts’ own History-Herstory Badge.

Rate:  $10.50 per Scout (includes Wenham Museum badge)


Mrs. Horton’s Dolls
Grade 1-4 | 1.5 hours
Learn about Mrs. Elizabeth Horton, the remarkable woman who started the museum’s world-renowned doll collection, and visit her childhood home. Tour the collection and test yourt observation skills through the use of a search and find game. The program ends with a hands-on project where each child makes and dresses his or her own clothespin figure. This program fuilfills segments of the Brownie Try-it Doll and Puppetry Badge and the Girl Scout Doll and Puppetry Badge.
Rate:  $9.00 per Scout (badge not included)

Listening to the Past: Colonial Household
Grade 2-5 | 2.5-3 hours

This interactive program provides an overview of daily life during the Colonial period in rural Massachusetts and includes opportunities for children to participate in hands-on activities from candle making, soap making, games, cooking, or schooling. Each child brings home a product of their activity. Girls tour the Claflin-Gerrish-Richards House and participate in a discussion. This program fulfills requirements for the Listening to the Past Try-It Badge.
Rate:  $9.00 per Scout (badge not included)

Listening to the Past: Native Americans on the North Shore
Grade 2-5 | 2 hours
Discover who lived here before the first settlers arrived and how they lived. Participate in a pow-wow to learn about the Algonquins on the North Shore using the museum’s Native American artifacts, reproduction pieces, and renowned doll collection. Each child constructs their own miniature longhouse to take home. This program fulfills the requirements for the Listening to the Past Try-It Badge.
Rate:  $9.00 per Scout (badge not included)