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Gifts to the Collection



Thank you for your interest in donating an artifact to the Wenham Museum’s collection.

At this time, the Wenham Museum is generally not accepting gifts to its collection. A temporary collections moratorium is in place until June 30, 2026 to allow the museum staff to perform a full assessment of the museum’s collection. At the conclusion of this assessment, the Wenham Museum will have a clear understanding of its collecting needs and goals.

Limited Exceptions 

We invite you to complete the attached Application to the Permanent Collection so that your artifacts may be considered for addition to the permanent collection in 2027. There are instructions included within the application regarding where the application should be sent.  In very limited instances for artifacts of significant historical importance, exceptions to the collections moratorium may be made.

Donation Alternatives 

If you are looking to part with your objects very quickly, we recommend that you contact an area auction house. The Wenham Museum does not endorse one auction firm over another, and the museum does not receive referral fees from any of these businesses.


Again, thank you for considering the Wenham Museum for this donation. Please do not hesitate to contact the Collections Manager, Samantha Grantham with any questions you may have regarding this temporary moratorium.